About Us

The Inspiration of Painting™ video series hosted by master artist and teacher Jerry Yarnell is a series of instructional painting dvds that teach you step by step the detailed basics of painting with acrylic and oil paints using Fine Art techniques. In these lessons the student is Not rushed to produce a painting in 30 minutes (as in other so-called painting instruction videos) but encouraged to paint at their comfortable pace following established, yet simple, fine art techniques.

   The Inspiration of Painting series hosted by Jerry Yarnell was filmed throughout the 1990's in Oklahoma, USA. There were over 200 instructional videos filmed during the series. Many of the lessons available on our dvds are the same lessons you watched Jerry Yarnell paint on the very popular "Inspiration of Painting" TV series aired on PBS television stations across the United States in the 1990's.

   The Inspiration of Painting™, sponsored by Grumbacher Art, started in 1990 and was Jerry Yarnell's first art instructional video series. With over 200 instructional videos filmed the series was a smashing success. In 1995 Jerry's career as an artist was interrupted as he battled Non-Hodgkin's B-Cell Lymphoma. With strong faith in God and a successful stem cell transplant Jerry won his battle against cancer. In 1999 Jerry Yarnell decided to start a new video series, called "Yarnell School of Fine Art", and left the Inspiration of Painting. In 2005 Thomas Stevens bought the "Inspiration of Painting" business so that the original Jerry Yarnell Inspiration of Painting videos could once again be enjoyed by all the fans of this amazing series! Thomas Stevens moved the Inspiration of Painting business to New York State where he had all the videos remastered and formatted to dvds. Although Jerry Yarnell is no longer affiliated with the Inspiration of Painting™ we are proud to offer a large exclusive collection of Jerry Yarnell Inspiration of Painting instructional fine art dvds.