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About our DVDs

The Inspiration of Painting instructional dvds are made using DVD-R “BURNED” type dvds. The "Inspiration of Painting" dvds are computer tested before packaging to insure the highest degree of reliability. We use the highest quality DVD-R media and the best recording equipment available unfortunately a very small percent of the dvd players (especially older dvd players) do not read BURNED dvds well (see note below). Please be sure your dvd player can play DVD-R “BURNED” type dvds (most dvd players can). You can purchase a new low cost dvd player from Wal-mart or similar retail store for about $29 that will play our dvd-r "burned" media well.


There are basically two types of dvds - Stamped and Burned. Most new dvd players can play both types of dvds equally well but a very few players (and heavily used worn out players) have problems playing Burned dvds. The Hollywood movies you buy or rent are Stamped type dvds. Stamped dvds are very expensive to produce in small numbers (less than 1000 copies) but are actually much cheaper to produce in very large numbers. Usually only videos that sell tens of thousands of copies are Stamped dvds. The “Inspiration of Painting” uses Burned type dvds. The Burned type of dvd is much less expensive to produce in smaller quantities. The only down side to the Burned dvd is that a very small percentage of the dvd players don't play them well. The good news is a New inexpensive dvd player that you can purchase at your local Walmart or retail store for under $30 plays both types of dvds well!

Technical Information:

The Inspiration of Painting videos were recorded in the USA in English. The Inspiration of Painting videos were recorded using Standard Definition NTSC Video with 4:3 ratio and 480i (this information may be important to you if you want to play our dvds on a High Definition TV set).

DVD Region Codes: The Inspiration of Painting dvds will play in All Regions worldwide!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you send me a printed Catalog?

A). Sorry, we no longer have a printed catalog. All our dvds and supplies are displayed in full color on our website.

Q. I am having problems ordering dvds on your website. What should I do to order?

A). If you can't order using our website we are happy to take your order over the phone. Please email us your name 
and shipping address and telephone number along with a list of the dvd(s) you would like to order. We will then call 
you to confirm your order and to get your payment information. Our email address:

Q. Are videos available in both VHS tape and DVD?

A). No. Videos are available only on DVD. We no longer produce vhs tapes.

Q. Do you accept Personal Checks?

A). No. We accept PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover), and USA Postal Money Orders. (Sorry, we do NOT accept Personal Checks - if we receive your mail order with a Personal Check the check will be destroyed - we do Not return them to you).

Q. I would like to place an order via snail mail (USA Postal Service). Where do I send my USA Postal Money Order?

A). Send USA Postal Money Orders made out to "Inspiration of Painting" (be sure to include $5.95 Shipping/Handling to USA, $15.95 to Canada) to:

Inspiration of Painting
8391 State Route 415
Campbell, NY 14821

Q. What happens if I get a defective video?

A). In the rare event of a defective DVD we will replace it with an identical one. Please try playing the dvd in another dvd player if you are having problems. 99.9% of the time the dvd will play fine when played in another dvd player.

Q. Do you have a telephone number available so I can order by telephone or ask a question?

A). Yes, but we really prefer you to order via our website if possible. Ordering using our website is much safer and faster than ordering over the phone. You can also email us at if you ever have any questions or problems (we usually answer all email with in 24 hours and often much faster). Support & Order telephone number: (352) 257-6430

Q. Do you include a pattern or photo of the finished painting?

A). Sorry the dvds do not include a pattern or photo of the finished painting (however the painting is featured on the dvd case) but if you want you can easily print your own picture from the large picture of each painting on the Inspiration of Painting web site. Just “right mouse click” on the web site picture of the painting and choose “print picture”.

The reason a pattern or photo is not included is because the main purpose of the Inspiration of Painting instructional videos is to teach you painting techniques so you can take what you learn and create your own original painting and not just copy a pattern or photo

Q. My dvd has poor picture quality when viewed on my HDTV (high definition tv). Is my dvd defective? How can I get a better picture?

A). No your dvd is not defective. The Inspiration of Painting videos were recorded in the 1990's in standard definition (see technical info. above). If you have an old Standard Definition TV available play your dvds on this for a much better picture. Also many of the new dvd players and most of the Blu-ray players have a feature called video upscaling. This makes the standard definition signal work better with the HDTV so that the picture quality is better. For more information on making dvds look better on a HDTV google dvds look bad on hdtv .

Q. My dvd does not play /or/ My dvd seems to play fine but there is no sound or the audio is very low. Is my DVD defective?

A). No your dvd is probably not defective. Most of the time if a dvd does not play correctly it is an issue with the dvd player (dirty lens, laser is out of alignment, or dvd compatibility issues *). The "Inspiration of Painting" videos are made using the highest quality dvd -R format dvds. The "Inspiration of Painting" dvds are computer tested before packaging to insure the highest degree of reliability.

* Please try playing the dvd in another dvd player if you are having problems. 99.9% of the time the dvd will play fine when tested in another dvd player. If your dvd still does not play correctly when tested on another dvd player please contact us and we will replace your dvd.