• 1000 Composition 3 Hour Workshop

COMPOSITION 3 HOUR WORKSHOP - DVD 180 minutes. [Very Popular DVD].

If you paint in Oils, Acrylics, or Water Colors this is a "Must Have" DVD!

In this video Jerry Yarnell gives an in-depth 3 Hour Workshop on Composition. The artist definition of Composition is "arrangement of items on a canvas so it is pleasing to the eye". In this video Jerry goes step by step through all the elements of Composition.

Jerry covers:

  • Design

  • Negative Space

  • Perspective

  • Shadows

  • Reflections

  • Planes

  • Basic Drawing

This is an Awesome DVD !!!

Customer Comment:

" I just received the COMPOSITION dvd yesterday. It is EXCELLENT like you stated. Definitely a must have for every artist. Thanks again! "

1000 Composition 3 Hour Workshop

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